About us

T. White's Bikes is a family owned and operated shop.

Tim started the store back in 2008 after returning from years living in Vancouver, Canada. Tim’s lifelong passion for bikes really took off when he discovered BMX as a teenager and has been hooked on all things two wheels since then. Tim wanted to share his love of BMX, fixed gears, vintage bikes and everyday cycle culture with his home town that it seemed to be missing.

Tim White

Meeting his now wife Rebecca a year later, she soon came on board to start up and manage the webstore, she now also runs all the day-to-day affairs- the boring stuff as she says! Her obscure French vintage bike brought her into the store, and she never left.


Rebecca White

Ace, the coolest pug in town, joined the family in 2011 and his second greatest joy in life is biking around town in his custom made (by Tim) bike with pug sized crate. His greatest joy is food, third greatest; sleeping. He is often hanging out at the shop and always appreciates cuddles and attention, so feel free!

Ace White

Last in, but possibly the most excited by bikes is Arlo; Rebecca and Tim’s son born in 2013. He’s been riding bikes since before he could walk and has been ripping it up on his custom balance bike since before he was even 17 months old. He’s already keen on the bike tools, so he’ll be put to work soon too!

Arlo White

We are also very lucky to have a great and passionate team of staff and volunteers. If you’ve been into the store you have probably met Brian (aka the B-Man, aka The Chopper Whisperer) he’s a one of a kind but he can fix anything!

We are so humbled that the community has supported our little shop so long, and we hope to continue bringing people joy from everything two-wheeled.